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Instrument Icons

Prettify your paper or demo!

For decorating your publication regarding instrument recognition, source separation, singing voice detection, and similar research areas we offer a set of musical instrument icons. This collection contains most orchestral instruments as well as the most common MIDI instruments. Furthermore, we have some conducting patterns which might be useful for illustrating rhythm estimation tasks.

You can either use the small resolution pictures directly, or you can click on them to download a larger version. If you decide to use them in your publication, please note the license information. We are grateful for sending us a message when your paper is accepted, so we can add it to our publication list (bibtex preferred).

© Harald G. Grohganz. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Attribution: Harald G. Grohganz. Ā»Instrument IconsĀ«,, 2014.


Accordion Accordion Banjo Banjo BarType2 BarType2 BarType3 BarType3 BarType4 BarType4 BarType6 BarType6 Bassoon Bassoon Baton Baton Bottle Bottle Brass Brass Cello Cello Choir Choir Clarinet Clarinet Conductor Conductor Drums Drums Dulcimer Dulcimer Epiano Epiano Flute Flute Guitar Guitar Hammond Hammond Harp Harp Harpsichord Harpsichord Horn Horn LiveConducting LiveConducting Metronome Metronome Midigroup01 Midigroup01 Midigroup02 Midigroup02 Midigroup03 Midigroup03 Midigroup04 Midigroup04 Midigroup05 Midigroup05 Midigroup06 Midigroup06 Midigroup07 Midigroup07 Midigroup08 Midigroup08 Midigroup09 Midigroup09 Midigroup10 Midigroup10 Midigroup11 Midigroup11 Midigroup12 Midigroup12 Midigroup13 Midigroup13 Midigroup14 Midigroup14 Midigroup15 Midigroup15 Midigroup16 Midigroup16 MusicBox MusicBox Oboe Oboe Ocarina Ocarina Orchestra Orchestra Panflute Panflute Piano Piano PipeOrgan PipeOrgan QuarterRest QuarterRest Saxophone Saxophone Timpani Timpani Trombone Trombone Trumpet Trumpet Tuba Tuba TubularBells TubularBells Violin Violin Voice Voice Woodwinds Woodwinds

Publications using these icons

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